How to schedule and Intake and what to expect at your first appointment:  

Call (520)836-1029

Tell the receptionist that you would like to receive help for a particular problem and what type of insurance you have. 

If your insurance is through AHCCCS the receptionist will verify eligibility and schedule an appointment for your Intake within the next seven (7) days. 

If you have private insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United, etc. the receptionist will transfer you to an Insurance Specialist who will gather your information and obtain prior authorizations and co-pay amounts. Once this has been completed the Insurance Specialist will schedule an appointment for your intake within the next seven (7) days.

If you do not have any insurance the receptionist will inform you of the Substance Abuse Block Grant (SABG) which is a federal grant funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). To provide substance use treatment services to uninsured or underinsured adults and youth with a substance use disorder. Or the Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) funds are spent on providers that help people in the community who need covered services, those qualified are:

  • People experiencing a first episode of psychosis (FEP)
  • Adults with serious mental illness (SMI)
  • Children with serious emotional disturbance (SED)

of the private pay costs &/or an application for the sliding fee schedule and schedule an Intake within seven (7) days. 

Si no tiene ningún seguro, la recepcionista le informará de en los fondos de Subsidios en Bloque para el Abuso de Sustancias (SABG) el cual es una subsidio federal financiada por la Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Abuso de Sustancias (SAMHSA). Que Brinda servicios de tratamiento para uso de sustancias a adultos y jóvenes sin seguro o con seguro insuficiente y con un trastorno por el uso de sustancias.

Los fondos de Subsidios en Bloque para la Salud Mental (MHBG) se utilizan por proveedores que ayudan a las personas de la comunidad que necesitan servicios cubiertos. Los que califican son:

  • Personas que experimentan un primer episodio de psicosis (FEP)
  • Adultos con enfermedad mental grave (SMI)
  • Niños con trastorno emocional grave (SED)
de los costos de pago privados y/o una solicitud para el programa de tarifas móviles y programe una admisión dentro de los siete (7) días.

The receptionist may ask you if you will need access to an interpreter. 

You may be asked to bring some or all of the following documents to your intake appointment. 

• Insurance Card 
• Court Papers 
• Custody or divorce decree papers 
• Proof of Income 

When you come in for your appointment you will meet with the Intake Specialist.

The intake process will take approximately 2 hours and will include your first counseling service to help address the reason for which you are seeking services. 

The types of services you would like to receive, and cultural diversity will be discussed during your intake and a plan and duration of treatment will be developed. 

After the intake is completed, you will be contacted in the near future by the Counselor that is assigned to you. If your insurance is AHCCCS, you will also be contacted by a Recovery Coach.