Helping Associates, Inc. can help you with the following services:

Individual Counseling:

Learn to improve personal problems and internal conflicts such as depression, anxiety, confusion, lack
of confidence, loneliness, career change and adjustment to life changes.

Marriage & Family Counseling:

Learn to resolve conflicts that often arise in relationships; assistance in learning to communicate thoughts & feelings & solve problems in order to develop a healthy, loving marriage and family; parenting skills training.

Children & Youth Counseling:

To help in solving childhood problems such as attention deficit disorders, aggressive behavior, excessive display of anger, depression, withdrawn, truancy, receiving bad grades, fighting, running away, using drugs or alcohol and handling emotions. Home & school-based services available.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment:

The 16-week Matrix Substance Abuse Program is available to help overcome substance abuse or addiction and become free of the chains of addiction.

Anger Management:

Learn how to stop & think before you speak out.

Family Support:

To assist those living with a loved one who is experiencing active addiction or mental illness. 

Sex Offender Treatment:

Intensive, out-patient sex offender services to registered offenders. Our program serves Pinal County offenders who are referred through parole and probation agencies. The program utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment, while recognizing the importance of relapse prevention and community reintegration. The program is designed to hold offenders accountable for their behavior, while maintaining community safety. 

Psychiatric Services:

TeleMed service are provided with a licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner assisted by a Registered Nurse to evaluate chemical influences in behavior and prescribe and monitor medication. 

Case Management:

A Case Manager will be assigned to help you succeed in meeting your goals through coordinating your service needs. 

Vocational Counseling & Job Placement:

Will help you identify your vocational strengths, and locate meaningful employment that will fortify your lifestyle. LGBTQ Services: Individual & Group Counseling & support is provided to help individuals live a joyful life. Trauma Recovery Services: Can help you gain a sense of peace to move forward in your life.

Wellness Planning:

Through coordination with your PCP & application of the 8 core dimensions of wellness. 

Parent Training Classes:

To develop the parent/child relationship & create a happier family life. Home & school based services to meet you where services are most effective. 

Mental Training and Stress Management:

Through our sister company, Institute for Creative Solutions, LLC, we offer classes that help you learn to relax physically and reduce the effects of stress, becoming healthier and more energetic through Alpha, Theta, brainwave training. You will be able to develop your untanned mental faculties and greatly improve your confidence, have more success, and solve problems creatively. 

Employee Assistance Programs:

Employees’ personal problems can drastically decrease productivity. Our programs and alternatives for troubled employees assist with marital and family problems, alcoholism, drug abuse, and other life changes. 


Helping Associates, Inc. accepts AHCCCS some insurance plans, and our private rates are very affordable.

A sliding fee scale is available upon request for those who qualify.